We LOVE elopements! While we traditionally think of eloping as running away to secretly get married, today’s elopements look very different. Many couples are now choosing to elope and celebrate their love in a more intimate setting, without sacrificing any of the dazzling details that make a wedding magical! We feel so lucky that we have been able to help some of our favorite couples plan beautiful elopements this past year and we have learned A LOT along the way. We gathered all of our best advice to help you plan your perfect modern elopement!

  1. 1) Pick a meaningful location. This could be your dream destination or the place where you first met your fiancé. You could even get creative and rent out an Airbnb in your favorite city! Just make sure to ask the host if they allow small-scale events. 
  1. 2) Be mindful of how many locations you have planned. Keep it simple with one or two locations for your ceremony and photos. This will make planning so much easier! 
  1. 3) Hire a photographer. You’ll want to look back on all the details of your special day! 
  1. 4) Get creative with your announcements. You may not have many invitations to hand out, but you’ll still want to let your loved ones know that you’re married! 
  1. 5) If your guests will be attending via Zoom, consider sending each household a bottle of champagne or your favorite drink for a toast at the end of the ceremony. It’s a really sweet touch that your friends and family will love! 
  1. 6) Style everything. Yes, even the small details! Let a professional help you create beautiful memories for your wedding album. This could be a big, show-stopping installation, fun props for your photos or styling blooms for those flat lay shots! 
  1. 7) Go all out with flowers! 100% do your dream flower arch. Now’s your chance! 
  1. 8) Music sets the tone. Although we HIGHLY recommend having a professional DJ, even for small events, an MC is key in a smooth evening.  As well,  make sure your playlist matches the mood for the night. Avoid any technical issues by making sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection and a backup wired connection for any Bluetooth speakers. 
  1. 9) For private estates or remote locations, a backup generator is always a good idea in case you lose power! 
  1. 10) Be strategic about rental pickup times so that vendors don’t show up before you plan to end your night. 

Are you ready to hop on the elopement trend? We are here to help you plan the most beautiful, intimate ceremony. Contact us today and let’s get planning!