We meet with many engaged couples, and often they have the same wedding planning questions – Do I really need a planner? And, how many should be present on my wedding day?

A few weeks ago we addressed the importance of a wedding planner – please see here for how and why a planner is imperative to your (and everyone’s) enjoyment of your most special event!

Today, we would like to tackle the latter question – just how many peopledo you need onyourwedding planning teamto ensure it is a complete success. The short answer is no less than two coordinators. Here’s why:

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We believe that one plannershould be with the couple and available to their wedding party and family throughout the day. It is crucial to have that go-to person that you can trust with any last minute questions, concerns or needs that may arise during the course of the event. The second coordinatorhandles all of the behind-the-scenes logistics, working with the venue and vendor team to ensure your vision and event is executed flawlessly. As well, ceremonies require two coordinators, especially if the ceremony and reception are in two separate locations. This is the BIG moment where you walk down the aisle and say I DO! It should be perfect! Two people on your wedding planning teamallow for one to be with the wedding party, cueing the processional, while the other can support the musicians and officiant with their cues.

When it comes to set up and tear down, there are a number of elements and dependencies involved onsite to ensure that all vendors meet their contractual obligations (in other words – so you get what you paid for!) and that everything is just how you want it! Venues, most often times, do not have the luxury of giving your planning team all day to set up so all of this has to be done in a short time frame and before the guests arrive. This alone, requires at least 2 coordinators.

Intertwined-Events_Wedding Planner QuestionsWith all that said, you might be wondering if you need more than two. The rule of thumb is for each 100 guests there should be a planner. So for any guest count up to 200 guests you would have two coordinators…. For 300 guests, 3 coordinators;400 guests, 4 coordinatorsand so on. At the end of the event, you and your guests, should be able to say it was perfect and there was always someone there when we needed something!

We hope this has helped answer some of your wedding planning questions. If you have more, please feel free to leave them in the comments and we will be happy to answer them there or in a future blog post!

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