We are thrilled to introduce you all to the newest member of our team, Carley Zylstra! She is a lethal combo of left AND right brain – studying econ and art! We are so excited she is spending her summer with us at Intertwined Events!

Intertwined Intern

From Carley!

My favorite place to shop is: The Gap! I love the way they combine unique fabric patterns with classic shapes that are very complimentary! They really know how to make a woman look put together and classy!

If I’m not working, you can find me: Exploring downtown Chicago, Illinois! I am currently a senior at Lake Forest College which is right outside of downtown Chicago and whenever I get the opportunity, I take the train to Chicago! I spend the day in coffee shops doing my schoolwork or shopping on Michigan Avenue!

The one word I say all the time is: “Cute!” In high school my friends and I had this obsession with the word! We even named our little friends group “the Cuties!” Today I still use it to describe everything from clothes I like, to random kitty pictures I see online! I think it just encompasses everything you need to know about something! I mean if it’s cute, you can’t go wrong!

The best part of a wedding is: The décor! I think the décor of a wedding really emanates the couple that is getting married! Décor can really tell the story of the couple’s love. It also shows a part of the couple’s style and personality that can only be told through the décor! It is a way of showing how truly unique the couple is! There are no two weddings designed alike because there are no two couples that are alike and that is the coolest part!

You can always find this station on my radio: If it’s Pandora I am listening to the Mumford and Sons Station. The station is a must because it gives me all of the folky music my heart desires! I am obsessed with the band and I just can’t stop listening to them! If it’s the FM radio, I listen to 102.7 KissFM because they play the best dance music! I am an avid dancer and I can’t help but move to the beat!

When I go to Starbucks, I order: A classic Cappuccino! It is my favorite drink! I love my coffee strong and not sweet. The cappuccino really gives me the strength I need in my coffee while still having a great flavor! Not to mention that I am a strong believer in the classics and I say why add more to something so simply delicious?!

My “go to” meal for dinner would be: An omelet with lots of veggies and meat! Some potatoes on the side would be lovely too! I love, love, love breakfast and I could eat it anytime of day!

If I had to describe my style in 3 words, it would be: Girly, classy and vintage! In general, I would wear a dress every day of my life if I had it my way! So even if I’m not in a dress, I keep my style classic with figure flattering designs that have a modern twist!

The one thing I love most about my job is: The chance to be a part of a couple’s special day! I love being able to make their ideas become a reality and making their day one that they won’t forget! It is an honor to be a part of the start of a couple’s life together!


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