Hey there, future Mr. and Mrs., how does it feel to be a newly engaged couple!? Let us guess…It’s so beyond exciting that you want to scream it from the rooftops?! Yup, we totally get you! Oh, and if you haven’t heard it enough, CONGRATS and welcome to the best time of your life!

Intertwined Events _ Newly Engaged Just Engaged

Now the fun stuff starts….PLANNING! It can definitely get stressful, but we’re here to help with some useful tips we advise all our brides and grooms to live by to start the planning process:

  • First, prioritize! We highly recommend discussing budget and guest count with your fiancé and families before making any decisions!
  • Second, look into planners and venues! We always advise locking down your planner before your venue because we can give some pretty amazing advice when it comes to venues! We may even have a venue or two up our sleeves you can’t find on Google!
  • Next, book your photographer and start your engagement photos! Yes, finally you get to be the one posting your engagement shoot all over Instagram!! Start thinking about all the special places you and your fiancé want to be photographed!
  • Okay, now for the most exciting part, bringing your Pinterest dreams to life! All of that pinning will finally come in handy! Talk over your pinspiration with your planner and they can recommend the best team to make it come true!

Intertwined Events _ Newly Engaged Just Engaged Intertwined Events _ Newly Engaged Just Engaged

As the planning continues, remember that you’re only engaged once! Don’t get so busy planning the wedding that you forget to enjoy the engagement. This is a time of celebration, from engagement parties to bridal showers to bachelor/bachelorette parties; people want to celebrate YOU!!

We’re so excited for you and the journey ahead! YAY!

Intertwined Events _ Newly Engaged Just Engaged Intertwined Events _ Newly Engaged Just Engaged



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