You’ve heard of people going to pre-marital counseling, but have you ever considered it yourself? There are a lot of preconceived notions about counseling, here are our top reasons you should consider it.

Intertwined Events_Premarital CounselingHelp yourself transition
You’ve mastered the art of being a girlfriend or boyfriend, you’ve even gotten used to being a fiancé…but are you ready to be a husband or wife? You’re probably used to being around one another all the time, but marriage is more than just changing your last name. It’s important to take a moment to consider how this change will change how you think about yourself, and how you’ll both look at your life together.

Intertwined Events_Premarital CounselingYou can gain insight
At the beginning of your relationship, you got to know each other as you were. Now that you’re getting married, you’ve evolved together. Taking a moment to consider where you’re headed gives you the foresight of where your life together will take you, and there’s nothing more beautiful. Plus you can set expectations for one another while planning your new life.

Intertwined Events_Premarital CounselingThe importance of adaptation
With marriage you’ll have twice as many habits, twice as many perspectives, and twice as many opinions. Your new life together will mean adapting to one another and that takes time. But counseling allows you the opportunity to understand each other fully before tying the knot.

Intertwined Events_Premarital CounselingThe benefit of wisdom
Getting an outside opinion from someone who specializes in relationships gives you the chance to prove to the world how strong your bond is. You’ll also benefit from their wisdom and experience. They can tell you, within reason, where you’re going to be in 5, 10, or 30 years.

Intertwined Events_Premarital CounselingYou and your partner are a team
Part of marriage is having a built-in partner in crime and cheerleader. After the wedding, some couples still act as individuals together rather than a team. It’s important to take time to include your partner in your goals and decisions, to consider each others needs as important as your own, and to face the world as a united front.

There are countless changes that happen after you’re married. With a little help from pre-marital counseling, you and your spouse can begin it with open minds andguidance towards building a healthy and lasting relationship.

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