We are so excited to introduce you to the masterminds behind all of our gorgeous events! Join us as we ask everything from go-to beverages to passion projects! Get up close and personal with the Ladies of Intertwined! 

This week, meet Marissa – our newest wedding and event manager! 


What is on your playlist? 

When the kids are not requesting the Encanto soundtrack, it’s a mix of everything for me currently Adele, Billie Eilish and my forever go to- Beyonce and No Doubt. You can catch me singing my heart out whenever driving haha


What is your favorite nail polish color?  

Neutral with some fun modern details – daisies rainbows, something a little extra for fun!


What is your go-to beverage (on- and off- duty!)?  

My new fave – Olipop or coffee. Off-duty I’m reaching for a glass of red wine.


What is one thing you literally cannot live without?  

Hands down- My big LOUD crazy Mexican family!!! I love being with family, gathered in my grandma’s kitchen around great food, good tequila, and laughing so hard it hurts.


If you had to use an #QOTD to describe you, what would it be?  

“In the end only kindness matters” …yes it’s from a Jewel song haha but it’s the one quote that I’ve carried with me for probably 2 decades and one I will always strive to live by. Kindness costs nothing and can go a long way, you never know how a smile or small act of kindness can impact someone’s life.


What is your favorite thing to do when not at work?  

If I’m not out on bike with my kids and hubs, I’m in the ceramics studio (shoutout to Costa Mesa Ceramics)! I picked up the hobby in quarantine in 2020 and it’s been love ever since. I’ve made a few dinnerware sets and some other fun houseware stuff!


Who are the most important people in your life?  

My kids, they are my living breathing daily reminder to work and play hard but more often than that they remind me to stop and appreciate the beauty in everyday things like “cotton candy skies.”


What else should we know about you?

Hmmm I think above sums it up! I think the only 2 things I did not mention which are another obsession of mine are my pups! Jagger and Chica… despite that Jagger is still a puppy and wants to chew MY shoes – I’m down about 12 pairs so far – he’s lucky he’s cute!