When you hear the words ‚ÄòWedding Etiquette,’ a few questions may come to mind. Who pays for what? Does the bride have to wear white? Who hosts the shower? Who participates in the bouquet toss? This list can appear to be endless. Questions pertaining to ‚ÄòWedding Etiquette’ can lead to sticky situations. We are here to show you a few Wedding Etiquette Rules you CANbreak.

Bride’s family should pay for the event
Your wedding day is said to be the first day of the rest of your life. Wedding Etiquette rules say that the bride’s family should pay for the big day. This is a conversation that should be had during the early stages of planning the wedding. It is important to learn early who will be contributing to the differentelements of the wedding and how much they would like to contribute.It isn’t entirely true that the bride’s family should pay for the event. In fact, the tradition of the bride’s family paying for the big day is slowly on its way out! The groom’s family may want to contribute to the big day. Over time, we have seen more couples financing their own wedding instead of having their parents pay for it. The choice is yours but we encourage open dialogue from the beginning to respect all paying parties and budgets!

Intertwined Events_Wedding Etiquette Rules You Can Break

Brides must wear white
Wedding Etiquette rules also say that the bride must wear white. Today, brides often have the option of choosing a different dress color. There are many hues from pale pink to metallic toeven bold red and black wedding gowns that are just as gorgeous as white. The choice should be completely up to the bride and her vision for her big day! What will make her feel the most beautiful is the color winner!

Intertwined Events_Wedding Etiquette Rules You Can Break

Mother of the Bride can’t host the shower
It has been said that the mother of the bride can’t host the shower. Typically, the Maid of Honor or wedding party is the one to plan and host the shower. There is nothing wrong with having the bride’s mother host the shower! As long as the bride’s opinion, personal taste, and desired attendees are considered, the event can still be a huge success no matter who the host is. One can even consider having two showers for double the fun!

Intertwined Events_Wedding Etiquette Rules You Can Break

Single women are obligated to participate in the bouquet toss
We have all seen that movie scene where the newly wed bride is about to do her bouquet toss and waiting on the other end is a group of hopeful, single women all trying to be the lucky one who catches the bouquet. Well, we are here to tell you that single women are not obligated to participate in the bouquet toss. A wedding is a celebration where nothing is an obligation, except to have an amazing time and share your love and happiness for the newly married couple! If a single woman would rather not participate, it is completely her choice.

Intertwined Events_Wedding Etiquette Rules You Can Break

These are just a few Wedding Etiquette rules that can be broken. The misconception of these rules tends to rely on the obligation of someone to do something. A wedding is a time to celebrate those who have promised to spend the rest of their lives together. It should be about their happiness and their wishes. Be open, be courteous and be honest and you will have a wedding experience that everyone will enjoy and remember!

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