Eight years ago when we began the process of becoming the Directors of Awesome for ReCreation Camp, we knew that we were so blessed and honored to take on this position.The time we have had volunteering and directing these programs for adults and children with developmental disabilities has been some of the best times of our life.We were given each other, and all of you…our lives are a thousand times better thanks to Camp.

With all the excitement and fun of being Directors, we also take on the responsibility of ensuring that Camp continues to grow and thrive, every year.After 35+ years under Catholic Charities, we know that Camp is as big as it can get under their umbrella.Over the last few years,we have increased the amount of people serviced by 75%, moved to our fabulous new home, and increased donations by 40%. But, we know there is more that we can doand there is a much larger need in our community for recreational residential services for those with special needs.

We made you (and ourselves)a promise… we would ensure that Camp continues to get bigger and better every year.So, it is with incredible enthusiasm and excitement that we share with you the news of how we are working to do just that!

Intertwined Events_RAD CampThere is a quote that says, “Don’t be afraid of change. You may lose something good, but you may gain something better.”We are ready to embody this mantra 100%, especially now.Today we are announcing that we will be resigning as volunteers for Catholic Charities as the Directors of ReCreation Camp.But, with that announcement, we are even more thrilled to say that we are taking camp to the next level!Camp will no longer just be a program of Catholic Charities but its own, stand alone nonprofit. We have founded RAD Camp.Using the foundation that we have always known and loved, we will continue to expand our services and offer bigger and better things to our camp family.The future is bright and we are exited to invite you along for the ride.

As far as our volunteers, campers and their families are concerned, there will not be any significant program changes.We will continue with “business BETTER than usual!”

Mark your Calendars!RAD Camp will be held July 3 – 11 for our adult campers and RAD JR. will be held August 12 – 16 for the children at the Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center in Orange.Unfortunately, we will not be holding January ACE or October ACE Camp our first year out, but look to add those camps back at the earliest possible time.

We know that camp is EVERYTHING and we are taking this next big step to ensure its success not only this coming year, but 50 years and 150 years from now.We want to ensure it has a foundation to continue to change lives. As its own entity, all fundraising, planning and support will be focused 100% on the campers and services RAD Camp provides!

Questions? We know you may have many questions and we are here to answer all of them. We invite you to join us at Ruby’s (4602 Barranca Pkwy in Irvine) on Thursday, October 9,from 5 – 9 PM for both a fundraiser, and a Q&A opportunity.We will be there throughout the evening to address all your concerns and answer your questions. And, just like always, we are an email or phone call away and are happy to talk to each and every one of you, personally.Please note our new contact information at the end of this blog!

Intertwined Events_RAD CampHow you can help!First, we would love for you to join us on this amazing journey of creating, delivering and enjoying dedicated services to individuals with developmental disabilities in our community. We do need donations and support, now more than ever.Please visitwww.RADCamp.orgto make a donation! As we begin, we are ready to apply to every grant, knock on any door and talk about Camp to all those who will listen.We promise that we will continue offering these camps and do everything possible to offer even more.If you know of any opportunities for support and growth, please let us know.We are grateful, humble servants and ready to get to work!



Katie Webb and Meghan Clem,Directors of Awesome

P| 949.387.5219

E| Camp@RADCamp.org

W| www.RADCamp.org


“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world…Are the ones who do.”