To our Camp Family and all of our supportive friends,

As we all enter this new chapter for camp, we are excited to announce another T-shirt campaign to help fundraise for RAD Camp! Similar to our last campaign, we proclaim the phrase: “My (Rad) Abilities Outweigh My Disabilities.” At camp, and beyond, each of us shine bright with our wondrous talents and our unique personalities. We do not let our disabilities or anyflaws define us.

This is a limited edition t-shirt and can only be purchased online for a short period of time. (Available in youth, adults and ladies sizes.) Get yours now!!!

Don’t forget to share this campaign with ALL your family and friends! This is not just about raising money and supporting a cause near and dear to us, but about spreading a positive message to the world. Buy today! Campaign close date is October 30, 2014! After the close date, all shirts will be printed together and delivered within 2 weeks. (Approximately November 14, 2014).

Visit the official Booster.com T-shirt Campaign page.
Visit the official RAD CAMP website.
T-Shirt designed by John (Viet-Triet) Hoa Nguyen.

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Katie Webb and Meghan Clem,Directors of Awesome
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“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world…Are the ones who do.”