So many big things happening at the Intertwined office, but our favorite might have to be awaiting the arrival of baby girl Clem! That’s right! The one and only Meghan Clem is expecting a baby girl! As if twin boys wasn’t a crazy enough life! But, this #BossBabe can do anything and we can’t wait any longer to meet our girl, MJ! We had to celebrate #ClemPartyofFive the only way we know how – with a little party at Montage Laguna Beach!

Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle1 Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle2 Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle3 Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle4

This party was all about color! The table was adorned with vibrant flowers from stunning orange poppies to bright white ranunculus and magenta garden roses! There was no such thing as too much color! Elegant By Design Floral made it look like absolute perfection!

Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle5 Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle6 Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle7

Our favorite part of the table (so hard to choose!) might have to be the fun confetti balloons from Balloons and Party! Dressed in fun ribbons, they tied the whole look together! We’re still obsessed with the whole design, but only the best for our girl Megz!

Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle8 Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle9 Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle10 Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle11 Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle12

Even though the mama couldn’t drink, we couldn’t help but have a little champagne to celebrate! And of course, the food was absolutely unbelievable! So tasty!

Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle13 Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle14 Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle15 Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle16 Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle17

Mom and dad (and Nona and Katie!) are ready for their baby girl to come! We can’t wait to meet the newest member of the Intertwined family!

Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle18 Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle19 Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle20 Intertwined_Baby_Little Girl_Sprinkle21

A HUGE thank you to our awesome vendors: