A Bride’s Biggest Loser

I ran into a good friend the other day and she looked AMAZING! She told me she had lost almost 15 lbs. in 5 weeks. UM…what?!? I begged her to let me in on the secret and she told me it was the Bridal version of Biggest Loser. This, I have to share with all of you!

A great friend of hers is getting married and …before you immediately assume Bridezilla scared her into losing the weight this story is much more fun and has a far better ending. If you are not familiar with my and K.’s favorite show, The Biggest Loser, please set your TIVO accordingly. It is a weight loss show where two fitness instructors guide (read: kick the a$$) of teams of contestants to lose weight. The contestant that loses the most weight is deemed “The Biggest Loser” and also wins $250k. LOVE IT!

So, in good fun and competition the bridal party created their own Bridal Biggest Loser. The contest lasts for 2 months and the ladies each weigh-in and report by email, weekly (so you can do this with friends from all over!). Talk about accountability! Weight loss is based on percentage of weight loss. And, to ensure there is proper motivation beyond fitting into that smaller dress size and snagging an eligible groomsman, each woman that is not the biggest loser must pay into the pot $10 each week. If you do the math, the take-home for the winner at the end of 8 weeks would be close to $400 (assuming a bridal party of 5).

Let me get this straight – you and your friends are all committed to eating healthy and exercising more, you are competing to keep your own money and then to win a couple hundred more and lastly you will all look fabulous on your friend’s most special day.

Biggest Loser sounds like a BIG WIN to me!

Dream Big. (Have fun getting smaller!)

Disclaimer: We think you all look fabulous as is and in no way are implying the need for any of our amazing followers to diet or lose weight. However, should you be inclined to do so, this was simply meant as a fun way to do it. Please consult a doctor before staring any diet or exercise program.