A Great Customized Treat for Brides!

Whenever I am planning a wedding, I am always looking for ways to be unique…what details within this wedding are going to stand out from the next? Is it the place cards and how they are displaced? The signage that not only gives direction, but gives the attendees a glimse into the bride and groom’s personality.

Today, I came across an amazing Etsy store – too bad I am not the first to find it as it’s been featured in Martha Stewart and on Good Morning America! I am proud to introduce you to Paloma’s Nest!

First of all, the something new and something blue for a bride…wouldn’t this be adorable on your wedding boquet? It’s personal, and will meet some of your “requirements” for your something new and blue needs!

I also love the Ring Bearer Bowl ™ which they are known for! You can customize it with your own text, or use one of their cute sayings, along with your wedding date. This is great for the ring bearer to carry down the aisle, while also serving many functions within your home AFTER the wedding – a jewelry holder, hanging on your wall, in a shadow box or even on the Christmas tree.

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