A Perfect Fit!

You are nearly one month from your big day and you have an appointment to pick up your wedding gown. Your first fitting. You haven’t seen it in months and now you have to hope it looks just as perfect as you imagined it would without the big ugly orange construction clamps that the stylist used (what seems like) forever ago. Your gown is the center piece, all eyes on you as the doors open and you walk down the aisle, or step on to the floor for the first dance – it must be perfect!

Most of the time, you will arrive at your appointment heart pounding, not sure whether to be excited or anxious. The stylist will bring out a large white bag that holds the most fabulous gown you have ever seen. You will walk into the dressing room allowing the stylist to help you into your dress. Your mom and dad are waiting outside the room to see their daughter wearing the most important (and possibly expensive) garment you will ever wear. As the stylist pulls the gown up over your hips you hold your breath as the sound of the zipper (in most cases) goes all the way up! Now you can finally relax! You walk out giving your family chills as they take tons of pictures of your first fitting. You are smiling, you finally feel like everything is coming together.

Well life doesn’t always work this perfectly, at least not on the first try. But with a few tips, the ladies of Intertwined Events are here to ensure you get there, beautifully adorned in the perfect dress, before the wedding bells chime!

Sometimes, you may not be the same size as you were at the time of purchase. Brides may unexpectedly gain or lose weight (hey, life happens!). If this happens to you, contact the store manager where you bought your gown immediately so they can get a hold of the designer and see if they can make some last minute changes so everything goes smoothly at your fitting.
In some very rare cases, a bride will find another gown. You might have felt pressured to buy the first one because everyone just kept asking if you had your dress or fell victim to making those around you happy with your selection instead of buying for you! But do not fret because you have two dresses on your hands and only one wedding day in sight. Visit http://www.oncewed.com/. This website allows you to sell new or used wedding gowns. There is a variety of gowns in all sizes and prices. (hint: great resource should you be looking to save money on your wedding dress purchase.) We also recommend that should you not have a spiritual connection to your dress and insist that your first born will wear it on their wedding day, OnceWed.com is a great way to be an eco-chic bride as well as budget friendly after the big affair.

Lastly, the dress as you remember it, when you first tried it on, may not be the dress you currently see in the mirror. Months have passed, and reality can become fantasy, easily. But do not fret. There are last minute alterations and additions the seamstress can make to have you floating on a cloud toward happily ever after in no time. Whether its adding a beaded belt or flower, removing a bow or strap, and letting out a layer or tucking upanother, remember it is just fabric (not concrete) and can be altered. But to be fair, please be reasonable with your asks as they pertain to timing, budget and scope. If you are 2 weeks out from your wedding and are looking for an entire redesign…well it might be time to start browsing your options on OnceWed.com.

No matter the obstacle, there is always an answer, and in the end it shouldn’t and won’t ruin the most special day of your life. Your husband is only going to be focusing on one thing as you walk toward him- your beaming, glowing smile! You are going to be stunning no matter what, because you are happily in love.

The Ladies of Intertwined

Photo Credit: Becky Hill Photography