All we want for Christmas…


Hi, our name is Intertwined. We have been really good this year. Well, at least we have tried to be really good this year. πŸ™‚ There was that one time, with that guy but he was mean and well we dont think that should count. But, we have volunteered a lot of hours to our favorite charity ReCreation Camp ( We have done a ton of pro bono work for our friends and have smiled at every stranger and not because we thought it was a potential client but because we really were probably just going a little crazy and thought smiling was always a good idea…ok enough of the naughty and nice stuff can we we tell you what we really want for Christmas!?

1. We would like more subscribers to our blog so we can continue to elevate brilliance on a daily basis. So maybe you could tell the elves in the workshop about us. I hear they have a huge social media network!
2. K. would like a new IPhone please. She has yet to work an event where she has NOT dropped it. The screen now has a rather large crack through it and its getting a bit hard to answer my trillion text messages during the day. Thanks!

3. This year I want your secret to building the ultimate client list. I mean Santa, you have every single consumer in the entire world writing to you and reaching out to you by the time they are old enough to hold a crayon!

4. We really really really want matching Range Rovers, a white one for K. and a black one for me. What? We heard Rudolph had a hook up at the dealership? And they are great for transporting clients and equipment to events. Ok, Ok a girl can dream, right!

5. And of course Santa we have to ask you for World Peace! At least thats what all the beauty pageant finalists say when they want to become Miss USA, and shoot that would be cool too!

Santa, this Christmas we just hope that you make our holiday and our families’, friends’, clients’ and colleagues’ holiday just a little more brilliant.

Thanks Santa, you’re the man!

Dream Big.