Are you a BIG LOSER?!

Who doesn’t love the show, Biggest Loser?!? Ok, well maybe some of you don’t love it, but I LOVE it…I spend every Tuesday night on my couch watching Biggest Loser with a cup of Frozen Yogurt in my hands (I know, makes no sense why I would eat that while watching a weight loss show).

Anyhow – these people inspire me on a weekly basis. Not because I need to get my butt in a gym (I’m training for yet another marathon, for gosh sakes), but because they are so determined and so set on reaching their goal! Did anyone watch last night? Michelle won! Yes, another pink player from Jillians team wins again!!

First of all – I love Jillian and would do anything to get her to kick my butt in the gym one day. Second – my favorite color is pink so who wouldn’t love a 2 season win streak from the pink team. And third – this girl had so much strength, motivation and determination every week in the gym and at the ranch that it makes me want to be a better, stronger person!

I guess you could say I want to be a contestant on the Biggest Loser everyday of my life…not for the weight loss, but for the mental strength they learn and live with! Opening your own business, going to work everyday, keeping your family up and running…all of those take a lot of mental toughness! Thanks to all the techniques I learned from “B.L” I am ready to go kick this industry’s butt! Well, not really, but I am ready to take it on – I have mental tips from Jillian – I can’t be beat!

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