At-Home Spa Treatment!

Photo Credit: Company Magazine

At a time where we are all trying to save money (and time) it can be hard to justify spoiling yourself with going to the spa. But, lets face it, we all work REALLY hard. We put in crazy hours, are slaves to our blackberrys and relentlessly push to cram just five more things into every day. After all that, a little pampering is in order to ensure we dont hit burn-out!

Here is a quick and easy At-Home Spa Treatment to treat yourself any day or night of the week!


  • 15-30 minutes to yourself (You can find it, I promise!)
  • Favorite Sented Candle
  • Relaxing Music
  • 1 Glass of Wine, Spa Water (ice, water, slices of your favorite citrus) or Mug of Hot Tea
  • 1 Hot Shower or Bubble Bath
  • Sugar + Extra Virgin Olive Oil – mix into paste for an awesome exfoiliant during your bath/shower!
  • Favorite Lotion for post Bath
  • Favorite Book


  1. Dim the lights and light your fave candles in the bathroom and bedroom
  2. Turn on your fave tunes – avoid 2Pac’s greatest hits for this one
  3. Pour your beverage of choice and sip, slowly, enjoying it…when was the last time you really took the time to enjoy a glass of anything?
  4. Run the bath water adding any of your favorite bubble bath or bath salts that some friend was sure to have given you for your birthday 5 years ago that is crammed somewhere under the bathroom sink. Add a few drops of the Olive Oil – it will make your hair shine and soften your skin!
  5. While the bath is filling up mix up a cup of sugar with some olive oil into a paste and take into the bath
  6. Use to exfoliate skin, especially rough areas like heels and elbows
  7. SOAK and ENJOY!
  8. After you are all clean and calm, put on your favorite lotion, brush out your hair, finish your drink and read a chapter from your current book!

Who needs a spa when you can just set aside 15-20 minutes once a week to treat you. Trust me this little bit of pampering will go a long way to invigorating you to take on the world, or that wedding you have been meaning to plan!

Dream Big.