Bash This!

Ever heard of the Master Planner by Biz Bash? I just recently received an email reminding me to renew my subscription (to this must have publication for event industry folks!) and let me tell you why, if you are a successful event planner and need to increase your ROI, should look into this great tool.

· Avoid scheduling conflicts by looking ahead to find out what is already on the calendar
· Search events (both in the future and those already completed) by date, organization, chairperson, honorees, price, venue, sponsor and anything else you can think of
· Create your own custom calendars that allow sorting by cause, event or audience
· Locate a potential client for venues, goods, and services.
· Monitor select events and dates to receive email alerts when there are updates to the event
· Use the date analyzer to get those valuable details such as weather, sunset times and traffic
· Find out about conflicts such as the Oscars, parades, or major sporting events that could affect your timeline
· Submit your event to be listed to protect the date and alert the competition

Thanks Biz Bash for making Intertwined Master Planners (if we do say so ourselves)! Have you used this tool? Let us know what you think. Do you have a tool you think is better? Fill us in.

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