Be Present!

“Living with flowers is a commitment to being present and in the moment – all year round.”

– Jennifer McGarigle

I promised in a past post on Flowers As Art that I would revisit the concept of being COMMITTED to being present and in the moment. All week I feel like the universe is absolutely screaming at me to practice this very ideal. As such, this must be the week I should write about it.

I went to church this Sunday (I know its not everyone’s cup of tea, heck it just barely became mine but bare with me) and the priest told us unequivocally that where we are is where we are meant to be. That instantly gave me a sense of security and confidence. I am on the right track. I am meant to be who I am, doing what I am doing. I am happy.
I read a book this week called Wedding Wisdom and the author, Mary Dann-McNamee writes, “If I am present in the moment then I do not stress about the future because I am confident. I know what to do when the time comes…I find that being present in the ‚Äònow’ equips me with the assurance to know I can handle the future.”

Ok, first God, now the book I am reading. A girl can take a hint. Be present. First things first, buy a house plant! Hey, let’s see if I can start by being present, and keeping the darn thing alive.

All jokes aside, my goal is to do little things each day to appreciate MY here and now (and not reflect on anyone else’s).

My Being Present Goals:
  • I am going to start taking walks. I live minutes from a beautiful beach‚Äînot to be wasted.
  • I am going to play music as often as possible, regardless of what I am doing, music makes me happy. No reason to not have it playing
  • I really am going to attempt to keep some form of plant life in my home‚Äîflowers, plants, bamboo stalks. I am greening my living space. More beauty to look at, more oxygen to breathe
  • Lastly, I am creating a ten item to-do list per day. That’s it. I am doing no more, no less. Once it is done, I am done for the day and will go enjoy my time reading a new book, taking a dance class, catching up with an old friend

Yep, living in the moment, a girl could get used to this. What does ‚ÄòBeing Present’ mean to you?

Dream Big.