Behind the Scenes…Keep it there or else!!!

Our jobs as event planners, public relations professionals, promotional managers is to make magic happen. No one cares, especially least of all our clients, what goes into creating that special pixie dust that brings in the clients, the applause, the praise. They just care that it happens! So don’t spoil it!

If Walt Disney ever let us see as small children, or now even as adults, what goes on behind the scenes, behind the walls of the castle, would it still hold such a magical and wonderful powerful? Would it really be the happiest place on earth?

It is our job to work hard, tirelessly, and without complaint. Those diva event planners you see on E! or the Style network are only good for one thing, ratings…not events. They take the attention away from the event, on how it all just “magically” comes together and they place it on themselves. What does that do for the guests?

Allow your guests and even sometimes your staff and volunteers to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Give them the opportunities to not know every last detail that went into figuring out the lighting, staging, timing, décor, sound, tech, food and beverage, seating and alas the budget to create a memorable event. Just allow them to revel in it all. Allow them to be awe-struck by how impossible it seemed but how it always just seems to work out beautifully. Let them trust that you know best and that it will be bigger and better every time.

If you tell them everything you know, you will spoil their surprises. You will take Santa away from Christmas. Don’t be that guy. Be humble, be behind the scenes. The reward will come in a job well done. And the clients will keep coming back to someone who makes the job seem easy and effortless, not one that makes life complicated and hard.

Bring the magic, leave the rest behind the scenes!

Dream Big!