Business Ethics – Who is right?

I was put in a very difficult situation today and was asked to do something I wasn’t comfortable doing and something I didn’t find ethical. To make matters worse, once I spoke up about I felt, I was told I was wrong.

As if it does not get sticky enough trying to navigate personal and business ethics lets add into the mix that I was dealing with someone from a different country, in a different industry, with a completely different background. So my question to you is, who determines what is and is not ethical?

And in doing business with those that are unethical (however you define it)…guilty by association…am I wrong?

So until someone writes a universal law on business ethics and finds a way to actually enforce it, I guess I’ll just stand my ground and and err on the side of caution. Yep thats right, I, M. and then of course Intertwined are all really ridiculously morally and ethically cautious. You heard it hear first. …I guess my gut feeling will have to be my guide! What’s yours? How do you ever truly know?

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