Let us tell you about CAMP! Its our favorite thing in the whole wide world. Better than chocolate, better than rainy days in your pjs on the couch, better than yes, dare I say it, USC Football (sorry @petecarroll , I still love ‚Äòem!), better than a warm day on a tropical island…really, we swear…its that good!

How, you ask, could something be this amazing, well, because it’s this perfect place where everyone comes together for the sole purpose of ensuring our amazing campers the most awesome experience of their lives‚Äîa true selfless, out of the box, awesome time!

Oh, and let me tell you about our campers…THE COOLEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! All of our campers have the best attitudes in the world, think that every joke we tell is the funniest thing they have ever heard, smile constantly, dance tirelessly and sing at the top of their lungs.

ReCreation Camp and its affiliate camps serve adults and children with developmental disabilities but believe me our campers give us so much more than we can ever hope to give them. We host 4 camps throughout the year and its run completely by volunteers! (Even the Directors are volunteers). That means that 100% of all donations go directly to our campers. That’s pretty cool stuff if you ask me!

Our theme this year, DISCO: The Music, The People, The Rhythm!! Oh man, we cannot wait. Music, Dancing, bellbottoms and platforms here we come! Camp is just a mere 3 weeks away (starts June 27!) Be sure to check the website Gallery for incredible and one-of-a-kind pictures and videos.

If by chance, you or your company would be able to make a donation to our beloved camp, we would be humbled and STOKED! There are many supplies that are needed to help Camp get groovy this summer and we can’t do it without our awesome COMMUNITY (Yes, the one we spoke of last week!). Please email to find out about all the perks and karma of donating to ReCreation Camp!

As we say this year at camp, ROCK ON!



PS: Thank you for letting me share our dearest passion with you! What’s your favorite charity or cause?!