Cake, Cupcakes, and Entertaining…The theme of the week

I realized I had written two posts about cake/cupcakes this week, so I had to stick to the theme! I can’t go to a blog, store or website without seeing something about cake, cupcakes, cake platters, cake toppers, etc…so lets explore some of my favs!

This black cake stand from Amazon is just perfect for a modern party…with a bright colored cake, or even a classic white, the cake and stand will compliment one another perfectly!

You can always go to and find exactly that! My personal fav is the personalized stationary for cupcake lovers like myself!

Or of course, the default is one of my fav. bloggers Tom Kat Studio she has the cutest cupcake toppers, and the best part is, they are now available on her website as a DIY project! Click on the picture to check out all her DIY projects and use them for your next party!!

And last, but certainly not least, is this cute birthday outfit for a little girl…talk about the perfect party outfit for your cupcake themed party!! I can just imagine a cute little girl eating her chocolate cupcake, icing all over her face, in this tutu…talk about a kodak moment!

Oh yes, and of course the final piece is the blog that says it all about cakes and cupcakes…! She knows it all, designs it all, and does it all…pure cupcake/cake/baking genius!

Please be sure to click on the pictures to go to the items and their amazing vendor’s sites…hopefully you all love cupcakes and cakes and anything “bakery” just like me!

Continue to Elevate,