Commitment…More Than Saying “I Do”

A wedding ceremony is a lot more than the exchanging of rings and throwing of a dinner and dance party…it’s about coming together to celebrate a love unlike anyone elses. That’s the genius behind love and behind weddings…that particular couple’s love is literally unlike anyone else…it’s pure, unique and can’t be duplicated. People wonder what makes wedding so special…it’s love.

When people customize their ceremony, to me, it’s allowing the guests to understand and be invited into this unique love…it’s truly a gift and those special touches go a long way.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs, 100 Layer Cake, and saw a recent post on a real wedding. Their unique touch to the ceremony stopped me immediately and made me think about this gift the bride and groom give to the guests who attend their wedding…

“We put a bottle of wine, two glasses, and a set of love letters (written in secret and unshared) into a wooden crate and then sealed it with nails (each nail was hammered by a family member to show their commitment to supporting our marriage and then finally by us). The crate is meant as an act of reassurance, a romantic gesture-if ever our relationship is in peril, we are to open the crate, drink the wine, and read the letters before we make any decisions about our future.”

I love the idea they incorporated into their ceremony – it’s something I have never heard of before, it invites all who are at the wedding truly become a big part in their future and it will forever remind the couple of their unique love…it’s beautiful.

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Photo: Brion Hopkins
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