Constructive Criticism

How much of the feedback you receive do you allow to be constructive and how much do you dwell in the criticism? Are you open to others opinions, commentary, thoughts on you or what they need from you or how they want to get it? Are you giving your audience, clients, employees, friends the opportunity to tell you in an open and welcome way, what’s up?

Every company has a link or phone number to submit feedback; every friend says “you have to tell me!” But the real question is once the feedback is given what is happening with it. Are you listening to it, really accepting it and trying to use it to improve?

I would venture to guess that most of us have opened ourselves up to feedback, input, and (hopefully) constructive criticism in varying forms. But my guess is that if we do take the time to listen, we are getting caught up in the criticism and taking to heart what should be taken to business. If we can get past the initial sting, can we get to the long-term strategy and short term application?

We can’t grow unless we are challenged, and it is my firm belief that others will always do a better job of challenging me, because I won’t see what’s coming next! Keeps you on your toes!

Make your business about what is best for your clients, make your friendships about what is good for your friends, focus outside of yourself and you will be repaid tenfold. But you have to stay true to who you are, what you do best and not shift with the changing tide (or opinions) as it may be. We cannot be everything to everyone, but we can be the very best of who we are and what we do.

Take to heart what is meant for the heart and get down to business with what is meant for business.

Dream Big. Listen Often.