Continue to Elevate

What happens when you have credit card debt, no savings and a whole lot of motivation? You use it to your advantage and get moving, and that’s exactly what I am doing! It was a crazy feeling sitting in M.’s apartment Tuesday night deciding where we wanted to be in 3 years – hoping it included our own office building, a huge logo saying Intertwined on the door and two close friends as business partners, oh and of course a whole team of fabulous interns. You have to dream big, especially during these hard times.

In college my best friend and I were scrolling through the university catalog looking at other options for majors since Business just wasn’t cutting it. When it fell open to Hospitality and Tourism Management, I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life planning events! The thrill of adverting disasters with art of resourcefulness, seeing days even months of planning come to life and making your client beyond excited with a VERY successful meeting…it’s all in a days work!

It’s a huge step, ok a lot of huge steps, we are taking to try and accomplish our dreams – but what better thing to do in your 20’s. I’m planning parties for Hollywood celebs, launch events for Fortune 500 companies and my friends backyard bbq…and loving every minute of it!

Continue to Elevate.