Creating a Perfect Blog…

I’ve noticed the Favorite’s bar on my Internet browser is growing longer and longer as I find more blogs I HAVE to read…whether it’s about interior design (great inspiration for events), social media, meeting planning or event planning, I seem to cover all my bases within my favorites.

I love when my new favorite blog posts something – it’s exciting to open it up and see what it is going to include.

Or when a favorite gets a “facelift” and their look is entirely new.

And of course, I love it even more when the topic just has to be something I am interested in at that particular moment in time.

But what exactly is it that keeps me going back to these blogs? Is it the content? The layout and design that makes it feel professional? The pictures?

What is it that makes you come back to your blog time and time again?? I would love to hear your feedback!!

Continue to Elevate,