Decisions, Decisions…

“In most cases, life purpose is not magically revealed or suddenly discovered. It is gradually chosen, with each decision, in the moment.”

The difficulty of making a good decision has exposed itself many times over this past week. Starting a new company is turning out to be one of the most mentally challenging things I have yet to do. What color blue should the logo be? Is the website too flashy, or too boring? Do we know enough people to start marketing our company? Oh and of course making the decision of who the next U.S. President will be…what a week of hard decisions! It’s a lot of questioning yourself and the decisions you make multiple times each day.

So where do we start when it comes to getting the word out? We search Craigslist on a daily basis. We twitter throughout the day and we post blogs on a daily basis – but how do we obtain those much needed clients? It’s all about word of mouth! We are working on getting the information about our company out there to the world – it’s with each decision we make, each person we talk to and each blog we write…it’s about making a decision to go out there and fight for what you want.

My life’s purpose is to own my own succesful company and enjoy the opportunities I am given from that success -it’s the decisions I make on a daily basis that will help me gain that kind of success!

Continue to Elevate.