Did it!

Yep that’s right, when K. and I set out do something we do it! 30 days ago we Challenged ourselves to write a blog post every day for 30 days. And you bet your buns we kept that promise. We also promised a few more things that day. Here is a quick recap on how we did. We will get you more details tomorrow.
1. 30 blog posts in 30 days–check!
2. Commenting on others blogs every day–um sorta check– it was like every 3rd day or so. Hey at least we commented with quality. We commented when someone had something we liked/disliked and when we had something worth writing.
3. Getting you our results–duh, check! Im doing it right now. We definitely saw an improvement in our following it was slight but it was there and could be attributed to twitter, myspace and facebook shoutouts. Im just saying. But what was really great was the consistency of content and that gave our loyal readers something to rely on and we saw an increase in returning visitors and lengthy visitors on the site (I will post some google analytics screen shots to back this up tomorrow when I am not running out the door to go to dinner with the roomie, Lawry’s here we come!)

Now, what about you? Did you keep up your end? Did you shout us out if you like us? (thanks to the Mind of Morelli, OTM, and Jen cuz we know you did!) Did you comment and give us the much needed feedback we crave?

At the end of the day it was a great lesson in discipline. But most of all we learned that its more important to write when you really have something important to say and the quantity of your followers is not as important as the quality of the interactions you have with them. The new ROI…return on involvement!