Did someone say CHOCOLATE!

YES, please! With the Easter Bunny hopping right around the corner and my Lenten sacrifice putting a real cramp in my sweet tooth (yes, of course I gave up chocolate and fast food again this year!), one of our brides said she wanted to give all of her guests chocolate bars as party favors and could we help her find some options…I think I nearly passed out, mouth watering at the computer screen and all. I will admit, not my most classy of moments.
But, do not fear, I kept my cool and came across these yummy little treats, which of course K. and our dedicated interns were able to sample on my behalf…we have such a great team over hear at Intertwined Events…ready to take on any challenge!

Now, K. will be the first to tell you she is quite the connoisseur of chocolate but what we are about to share with you was not only delicious, it was entirely customizable…like a trip to your favorite FroYo store!

Cue: Chocomize! You can choose from the classic combinations like almonds or white chocolate to the exotice like goji berries, gold flakes or lavendar to the down right crazy like hot curry powder or bacon! At chocomize, it is completely your choice. Even better, the company offers bulk orders for wedding parties so that all your guests can enjoy your oh-so-unique taste and hey, you can even customize the wrapper!
The only question that remains, what ingredients will you include?!
Dream Big.