Disappointment Strikes

Yep, thats right not all is sugar canes and lolipops in the land of Intertwined. I know, bubbles are bursting across the candy lands. But alas, it is true, we lost our first major pitch. And we lost it fair and square. We went head to head against some of the best in the business to gain the business of a pretty darn popular non-profit in the LA area. It would have been a big budgeted fundraising gala for all of their major donors. It would have been a night to remember. Well, we will remember that we didnt get it. But, we dont take defeat that easily.

Always professional, thats what we are, we asked why. And ya know what, the answer we received was okay by me. We were told that our pitch was professional, on point, on budget, creative and exciting. But that they were nervous going with a Start-up and went with a veteran. Ok, so you went with the old guys. We can control our ideas, we can control our pitch, we can’t control how long we have been doing this. We are just going to have to pay our dues.

That first big client will come. And then the next, and the next, and then I will be smile but secretly be kinda mad when someone calls us old, er I mean a veteran in this business.

All in due time.

Dream Big.