Dream Big: Doodle for Google

Ok I could not resist writing on this topic when the theme is “If I could do anything, I would…” Loosely translated to me that says…Dream Big. As you may know, I sign off every post with two simple words – “DREAM BIG.” I want to remember and want to remind all of you, too, that you can literally achieve anything you can dream, so go BIG!

When Google announced their theme for the annual Doodle for Google children’s drawing contest (yearly nationwide art contest for students in grades K-12, eligible students can submit their own “Google Doodles,” and the winning Doodle will appear on Google’s homepage for one day. Plus, the winner and his or her school will receive money and scholarships.) I COULD NOT HELP MYSELF but start to DREAM!

If you could do anything…Dream Big; such an easy concept for a child, such an impossible task for an adult. WHY?!?

Why can’t we let our imaginations run wild? Why can’t we easily see any end result we want as completely attainable. Why can’t we doodle for Google?

The answer my friends, is we can. Really, I mean it, we can. We simply have to stop saying NO. Stop limiting ourselves by fear and failure and decide to go after it (whatever it is).
What is the dream you have been holding on to but holding back on? Say it out loud, share it here and we will all help each other to achieve it.

Coming soon is a post on my BIG DREAM…