Dressing Your Table: The Napkin Fold

One of the things many brides and grooms to be stress about can be the look of the evening as a whole, specifically the table where their guests will be dining. If you think about your wedding as a whole, a large part of the time can be spent at the dinner table. As well, think of all the important events that happen while people are sitting to eat: the first dance, father/daughter, mother/son, toasts, etc. In order to give your guests a great experience at the dinner table, you want them to not only be comfortable (don’t squish too many at a table), but you also want them to have a lot to ooh and aww about when they sit down.

Part of the design of your table is what is directly in front of them…their plate, napkin and flatware.

Think of the napkin and all the possibilities – it can hold the menu, it can be accented with a flower, the favor can sit a top the napkin, it can be folded in a design.

You don’t have to stick to a square folded napkin – think of what you can do to make it pop…an elegantly folded napkin doesn’t cost you more money and it can give you the impact you want!