Eat, Pray, Love – Book or Marriage Advice?

If you were to ask my 94-year-old Nonna (Sicilian grandma) what her best advice for a long and happy life and thus marriage would be she willtell you this and in this order:

EAT -a lotand together (and it should clearly be Italian food she would not say this because its a given) andget up early tostart cooking it because everyone knows that a good cook must start ameal before the sun rises!

PRAY – God gives you everything, she says, so you give him Sunday – now go and pray and show gratitude.

LOVE– Family is everything -they are all youhave from the beginning to the endso love them fiercely, loyally, tremendously and unconditionally (and you thought the Godfather was intense!)

In these times when its easy to get caught up in complications and hype, how nice to have some clear and simple rules to live by! Eat together, show gratitude to god and others, and love tremendously! There is something to be saidfor straightforward principles that made a bookand a movie top sellers and gave my Nonna a long and prosperous life!

What simple rules do you live by?

Dream Big.