Emily Kouri, Event Coordinator

Introducing the Newest Member of Intertwined Events: Emily Kouri, Event Coordinator

This week has been filled with wonderful news: First a new website and blog and now, a new member of the team! We are literally dancing around the office we are so excited to introduce to you the newest member of the Intertwined Events Family, Emily Kouri! Emily will be handling sales and event coordination! So absolutely thrilling to be expanding our company and to have such a dynamic and determined woman join our company! We want you to get know Emily too – read more about what makes her so unique:

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About Emily:

I love, LOVE! Which means I am absolutely committed to my job of helping couples plan a day to celebrate their love. If I had to choose a specialty in this beautiful industry, it would be destination planning; new places, people, cuisines and cultures! Yes, I will work for travel!

I believe that everyone has a partner in crime, and mine would be my English bulldog, Mosley. Together, we are ready for anything and everything! I am known to make beautiful creations out of five items or less and have been described as the blur you see moving around the room getting 10 things done at once. I’ve learned to be resourceful (and have a healthy sense of humor) growing up with six siblings!

I received my BA from San Francisco State University in Communications and Business. I have been planning and designing weddings, fashion shows and parties for more than six years from San Francisco to Orange County. After starting my career in Public Relations, working for one of the top entertainment PR companies in San Francisco, I helped establish the world famous Anaheim White House Restaurant as a premier wedding venue in Orange County.

From Emily:

What makes you, you? My Grandmother and Mother always had the right outfit on with just the right amount of accessories and always threw the best parties. I owe everything to the two strongest women in my life. They both taught me that you can never be too organized, too generous or too prepared for anything! I have taken those principles with me throughout my whole life and can finally apply them to my work. They have given me my sharp editing eye and an opportunity to thoroughly love what i do!

Why do you love the world of events? Designing events gives me all of the creative opportunity that I have always dreamed of. I love the process of each event coming to life and creating an aesthetically pleasing space for everyone to walk in to. To see my clients’ faces at that moment is just priceless. In my opinion, nothing is more satisfying than that!

Why you are the woman for the job? I feel that I am the woman for EVERY job. I love taking on new tasks, unfamiliar challenges and most of all, becoming a friend of each and every one of my clients. I can find time in any one day to get a week’s worth of work finished and I constantly look forward to my next event.

Why Intertwined Events? Intertwined Events is my style: glamorous, clean, inspired and LOTS of color. I love that three women, all with different backgrounds and individual creativity, can come together to create a perfectly balanced event that always exudes gorgeous!

Emily, we could not be more excited to welcome! You can connect with Emily on twitter at www.Twitter.com/intertwinedem

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