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Today’s Wedding Debate: DJ vs Live Band!

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing entertainment for your wedding! The elements that you should considerwhen trying to decide on a Live band or DJ is the theme, atmosphere, your musical preference, audience and (of course) budget!

The vibe you want to create is a major factor. If you want a high-class string quartet or a swingin’ big band, you will want to have a live band; however, if you enjoy a jazz-y R-n-B or more current dance music a DJ may be right for you!

Wayne Foster Band

There are pros and cons of both of the options! A live band is able to get the crowd going, add personalization, and your guests have the enjoyment of watching a performance. However, they tend not the have the huge variety of music that a DJ will spin. DJs will be able to play almost every song that you would like, can create custom playlists or mixes andcan be great emcees. However, a poor (orcheesy)DJ can be a party-killer and there is a lot less personalization and improvisation.

Another thing to consider is your budget. Live bands tend to be more expensive but ifyou want to entertain your guests throughout the evening it is well worth the splurge!

Before deciding on your music, discuss the entertainment with your venue. Many venues have restrictions on size of speakers or the space in which to perform! In addition, you should discuss the types of music you would like to hear (or not hear) at your wedding and be sure to consider if your guests list is on the older or younger side. This will aslo help determine the type of music you will want to feature.

Whether you decide to go with a DJ or a Live Band – always, always meet with them in person. For the Live Band – see them perform live!! Ask the DJ to send you a sample set or video of them from a real wedding! This will give you wonderful insight into their style and if that matches your own.

Regardless of your choice, be sure to dance the night away with the love of your life!


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