The greatest thing I learned from mycollege days (why do they feel so long ago?!)can be summed up in one four-letter word: FREE. It’s amazing how one little word can enhance everything from stickers and key chains to food and shows!This Fab Friday, we’re bringing you “the best things in life” via the web‚Äîthrough Exchango.com

Exchango.com is dedicated to the give and get‚Äîyou give that vintage t-shirt you never wear anymore but can’t ever seem to let go, and you get someone else’s gem‚Äîmaybe that Beatles vinyl you’ve searched for everywhere. With categories that range from clothes to books to toys to automotives to home and garden, Exchango has something to offer for everyone.

Think Craigslist, without your credit card. We promise. While Exchango encourages you to give away your own stuff, you don’t have to‚Äîyou don’t even have to register for the website. Their mission is based around building an eco-friendly, socially responsible community that repurposes and recycles undiscovered treasures.

So muster up your courage, dig through your closet, and donate those peep-toe pumps you never wear anymore. You never know what you’ll find on Exchango‚Äîit’s karma. And it’s free.

Dream Big.