Fab Friday Find!

Mini lasagnas

Now, I know not everyone can be agoddess in the kitchen (wink, wink!). When I’m not planning, Im cooking and when Im not cooking,I’m thinking about my next culinary adventure. But for some of my nearest and dearest, that’s not the case. And as a true Italian, my cardinal rule is to make sure everyone is fed‚Äîwell.

That’s why I am absolutely ravenous for these mini lasagna pies (yes, pies!) from heirloomla.com. (We found them through RealSimple.com) They’re the perfect solution for your just-graduated college kid learning their way around the stove, your hubby when you’re out with the girls for the weekend, or dare-I-say for the week you’re simply too swamped to cook. 🙂

These gourmet, single-serving cuties come in every flavor from lamb rag√∫ to pumpkin mozzarella. The best part? It’s $36 for six‚Äîmaking them the tastiest steal I’ve found yet.

Dream Big.