Fab Friday Find!

A Pop of Color, A Kick in the…
?The other day I was rifiling through my makeup drawer through the endless samples, half used tubes of bronzer, etcto find the-just-right shade of lipglosswhenI happened upon a hot pink lip stain – unopened. Be still my heart. In the dead of winter, and after unprecedent days of continuous rain, the sun had finally found its wayback toSoCal, as if to illuminate this small little gift to me – my current muse- pink lips!
And before you stop reading and think that a pink lip is not for you -Please look above and notice they work for every skin tone and hair color. Its all about the attitude that comes with them!
You wouldn’t think that somethingas simple as a lip shade could have such a deep and profound impact – in fact I hope you dont think Im shallow foradmitting that itdid. Butas soon as it hit my lips I instantly stop wearing dark colors just because it waswinter. Myhot pink stained smackers made me want to smile bright which led me to do things that indeed made me smile. I looked cheery, I dressed cheery and thus I was. I had abit of pep in my step and was really ready to take on the New Year with a vibrant attitude. Yah,I know,like I need moreattitude! (-Ma, please try to refrain from commenting on this post if you can!)
After wearing the awesome lip shade that brighten my day and my mood I decided that their was no reason why my fingers and toes couldnt join the fun and found this great polishfrom Milani at my local drug store (meaning of course Target) and completed the look.
So this Fab Friday I encourage you to do a little something for yourself, even if it as small as finding your new favoritelip color – just make sure it makes you feel like a million dollars!