Fab Friday Find!

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Who likes it when their nails chip off minutes after leaving the salon? No one, unless you really love spending hours at the salon and get a sort of high off the fumes! My friend and I were out getting lunch recently when I noticed her (unchipped) sparkly pink manicure (you know how much I love all things shiny!). She told me she’d just gottenCalGel nailsand that theylast morethan 3 weeks…even better they look fantastic and they don’t destroy your nails! I was floored. See, I have a love/hate relationship with acrylics.

• Pros:

o They look great
o They protect my real nails, which break easily
o They help me type on a touch screen. But, I mean,really, now

• Cons:
o They absolutely destroymy real nails
oInever find the time to getback in for a fill
o I’m notorious for breaking my acrylics at the gym or lifting some, something at an event

CalGels, which are natural soak-off gels, sound like a pretty sweet deal to me!However, if you are like me and finding time to book a salon appointment of any kind ranks up there with your ability to visit the moon, than join me in my love of Sally Hansen Salon Effects (pictured above)which you can pick up at the drug store for less than $10 and do at home! Thank you Fiore Beauty for your awesome recommendation and instructions here!

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