True Blood is back! And yes, we are the biggest fans here at Intertwined Events! As bizarre as this may sound, we have gleanedwise insight from this addicting show!And no, it’s got nothing to do with sexy Vampires or their hypnotic eyes or drug-like blood.

We have learnedthat you can find love anytime, anywhere! If you are truly ready and open for love, it can and will find you- be open to meeting all types of new & different people, because you never know where Mr(s). Right could be hiding!We have also gathered from the oh-so-fab Sookie, you must first be happy with yourself, be comfortable in your own skin and know what you trulyare about. Thenyour best will shine for all to see and the loveofyour life will see it and be seen!

See – there are many goodreasons to watch television, well at least,True Blood!


The Ladies of Intertwined Events