We found T-Pain’s soft side! And we like it!When you think of rap and hip-hop one of the furthest things from your mind is romantic courtship and wooing, but this is exactly what T-Pain’s new song, Best Love Song, is all about!

Best Love Song, T-Pain

And, surprisingly enough there is a lot to learn about love and love’s expression through this song! The first verse opens with “DJ, turn off what you’re playing/I want the whole club to hear what I’m saying/because this girl means so much to me”– aguy who wants everyone to know how in love he is is so refreshing!

Its chorus kicks in describing all the things that the love song needs to be and then the lyrics say, “The best love song she ever heard in her life/I gotta tell her how I feel, I gotta let her hear/The best love song she ever heard in her life/no need to write it/I just got to picture her smiling”.

The song continues on, sweetly – we might add, and in the end he encourages other to tell the ones they love how they feel, “Homie, kiss your girl, shorty kiss your man/We can see you on the kissing cam/Please show me some love, show me some love/Now look her in the eye, say baby I love you/I never put no one above you”! Let’s all take T-Pain’s advice, it is so important to tell those we love how we feel!


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