Fab Friday Find!

When we were tweens, we went to sleepovers, dressed up in Mom’s vintage outfits, played truth-or-dare, and talked about boys. Now that we’re older, we’re getting married to those boys, picking out our own wedding dresses, daring our friends to get engaged, and going to bachelorette parties instead of slumber parties.
But who says we have to grow up?
Last year, my cousin brought back our inner tweenager in the truest token of middle school friendship — friendship bracelet party favors at her bachelorette party.
“Remember when we were in middle schooland exchanging notesin class andfriendship bracelets?It was the happiest time of our lives!” she exclaimed. “Well you girls are my best friends and I’m glad you’re here to celebrate the happiest time of my life, now.”

Aside from the fact my cousin is a creative genius; the bracelets were a thoughtful way to make her memorable night unforgettable. (And you bet we all wore our new BFF Bracelets all over Vegas!)

For the not-so-crafty, we found the big girl version. Freida & Nellie’s handmade vintage friendship bracelets are sparkly, bedazzled, and beautiful‚Äîand the perfect favor for your best gals at your bachelorette.

Best Friends Forever? We think so.

Dream Big.