Fab Friday Find!

There are few things worse in this world than putting your hair up in a ponytail only to snag your hair later or be left with the infamous ponytail bump that overexerts your Chi and adds an extra half hour to your night-on-the-town routine. There are also few less attractive ways to accessorize your wardrobe than black Scunci elastics on your wrists. Why does a girl have to be punished for her need for versatile hairstyles?
Finally, there’s a solution to a problem we can all stopworrying about and aFab Find to startobsessing over‚ÄîEmi-Jay elastics.
These hair-ties and headbands are made of stretchy material that won’t knot your gorgeous locks, and they’re available in a rainbow of colors to match any outfit. They’re perfect for those times you need to put your hair up during the day and have it ready by night: think workday, engagement parties, bridal showers bachelorette parties, or even your big day transition from wedding to reception (they have ones decked with crystals).
I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the dreaded rubberband.
Dream Big.