Fab Friday Find!

Everything is hotter Down Under. The accent, the beach, the men, the fashion‚Äîthere’s something irresistible about Australia. While we can’t give you the formers without a plane ticket, the latter has crossed the Pacific. Cotton On, an Australian-based retail powerhouse, now has locations all over Southern California, including Los Angeles and Orange County.
Think Forever 21 prices with Aussie pieces. Cotton On’s collection of affordable denims, dresses, sweaters, jewelry, shoes and pjs showcase the effortlessly stylish fashion sense inherent to women in the Land of Oz.

When you’re looking to spruce up your everyday wardrobe with a little cultural sophistication, Cotton On promises you an outfit with flare‚Äîthat won’t wreak havoc on your wallet. Who knows, your killer look could even snag you your own Hugh Jackman.