Fab Friday Find: OUR HERO!

Sometimes life throws a curve ball for reasons we do not understand. We would like to ask you, our valued readers, to hear Nathaniel’s story.
One day last June, we at Intertwined had the pleasure of working with the cutest 5-year-old ring bearer in the world. Little Nathaniel marched to the front of the church, looked up at us with his big, brown eyes, and announced that he was head of ring security.

Thatwas one of the family’s happiest days, when Nathaniel debuted as ring security at his aunt Katie’s wedding. Just afew short days later,Nathaniel’s father was reading a book about starfish to him before bed. Nathaniel counted off the page, showing a curious lack of spacial perception. Concerned, his parents visited doctors while their little boy endured test after test. They discovered Nathaniel had brain cancer.

We at Intertwined ask your support of Nathaniel and his family during this time. your prayers, positive thoughts and intentions are all appreciated in more ways than you can imagine. With your help, Nathaniel will get to serve as ring security for many more years to come.

We would appreciate it, from the bottoms of our hearts, if you would visit Nathaniel’sSuper Hero Page and help him fight his battle against cancer. We ask you to give up just one Starbucks trip this week and donate just $5 to support him and his family and to please pass along this post!

Our goal is to raise more than $15,000 to help the family offset the medical bills and insurance co-pays.We knowwhat this beautiful community is capable of creating miracles! Let’s come together once again to make one happen for Nathaniel, our Super Hero and hisamazing family.

All our love,
The ladies of Intertwined