Face To Face.

Why is it that government officials have to meet face to face when posed with a big decision? Or if something really needs to be detailed, a conference call won’t make the cut? Or to be even more simple, when you need to break up a relationship, a text message isn’t going to allow a clean break when compared to a sit down dinner discussion.

It’s all in the value of a face to face meeting…whether it’s social or corporate, the value of a face to face is unmeasured. The highest ROI compared to other marketing channels in corporations comes from their large sales meetings where they educate the force on a new product, a manager’s meeting to discuss the successes of the past year or a team huddle to talk about how we can work together in a more positive way. It’s the experience, environment and interactions that a face to face meeting provides that really makes it worth while.

And although the corporate world understands the value behind a meeting, it’s still the first thing they cut when times get tough. After reading a number of articles in One+, a publication I receive monthly from MPI (Meeting Planners International), my mind begins to run in a hundred different directions trying to determine how to garner value from these meetings and how to fit them into dwindling corporate budgets.

A couple of good suggestions I have heard, and will be incorporating into the business of Intertwined:

Outsource – Although you can’t afford that full time planner on your staff anymore, you can outsource projects to them, or other meeting planners within the industry. There are planners who are willing to take on just your sales meeting, or just your big dinner party! Offer them a contract for a one time gig and you can save yourself all the benefits and salary of a full time employee!

Web Technology – Set up virtual meetings where you can still see one another, but can be thousands of miles away. Although the technology can be pricey at first, the savings from avoiding weekly or monthly travel will definitely prove its value!

Cost Savings – Skip those small weekly meetings and plan a large monthly meeting. The cost savings you can negotiate with the hotels or conference centers will be huge in comparison to weekly small meetings – they are in it for the bigger packages – it’s a give and take with hotel properties! (Not to mention you are saving employees’ time and thus increasing productivity.)

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