Finding “The One”….The Dress That Is

I’ve come to realize the search for finding the perfect white dress for your big day is a lot like choosing someone to marry. There are many that are beautiful and most of them even look good on, but there is only one that will give you that just perfect feeling from the moment you step into and will have you laying awake at night dreaming about it until you are in its presence again!
Here are 5 tips to finding “the one”:
  1. Peruse within your budget:Please don’t try on anything you know you can’t afford only to be heart broken when it makes you look like a million dollars (hint: if you can’t afford it, it mine as well cost that much too!) You are only setting yourself up to be terribly disappointed and will compare every other dress to this one unattainable one. There are stunning, downright gorgeous dresses in every price range so be upfront with you salesperson when you go shopping that you only want to see dresses in your price range and they are sure to bring you something that you not only love, but can afford.
  2. Be open minded,about 90% of brides end up selecting a dress that has a completely different silhouette from what they thought they wanted. Decide whether you want lots of glitz and glam or traditional lace but don’t be afraid to go beyond the pictures you will inevitably be holding in your hand when you walk into the store. Decidewhat makes you feel like a brideafter all, you only get to be a bride once! Note – About 85% of your photographs are going to be from the waist up, so make sure you love the top of your dress as much as you love the back and train.
  3. Know thy body type:Every dress is going to look different on every bride. It’s about finding what works with your body type you have endless options from ball gown, mermaid, princess cut, fitted, empire…the list goes on. You are guaranteed to find something that you not only look great in but FEEL great in as well. There’s that word again, it’s all about the way it makes you feel. Don’t be afraid to try something you have never considered before.
  4. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT go to more than 3 bridal stores tops!: Especially don’t try on too many in one day. If you do this you will end up finding a favorite in every store guaranteed. You will get overwhelmed and exhausted. Everything will blurr together, every dress will begin to look the same, and you will have tried on so many that you will focus on every possible details imaginable. You will forget about the big picture and lose touch with which one makes you feel best. When you do find “the one” yet insist on seeing what else is out there, you could miss out. Don’t over shop!
  5. Its about you!When you find “the one” you will say “I look (and feel) beautiful” not “this dress is so beautiful.” Don’t bring too many opinionated friends or family. Bring only family and friends who are truly and genuinely excited in your love and happiness. Only bring the ones that are going to make this a less stressful and more exciting experience because that is all it should be.

If you follow this advice it will only get you closer to finding the dress of your dreams.
Bottom line, If you feel amazing in the dress then you are going to look amazing in the dress because you always look how you feel. You will knows it’s “the one” when nothing else compares!
Happy Shopping!
The Ladies of Intertwined