Flip this!

It was definitely a REMIX last night! I will let K. fill you in on all the details of the event and pictures but I can’t help but comment on it! It was amazing. And the script got flipped on me as I was on the receiving end of an event. It has been years since I had a birthday party or any other event really that was for me or in my honor.

I have spent the last years (and holidays and weekends) of my life planning others events. I know how important it is for the event, the moment, the feeling to be just right for your client because, no matter the occasion, it is their vision and their time to shine. It was amazing to be on the receiving end of those efforts and to remember just how special an event can be.

The best gift was having all of my friends with me, celebrating and having a wonderful time. Everyone got into the theme and couldn’t help but go “back in the day” with the decor and special touches (like I said K. will fill you in don’t worry!). I think last night will make me an even better planner for Intertwined’s clients because for one night, I was the client!

I think its an important lesson for anyone that does business. Be the client as often as possible and you will learn/remember everything that you need to deliver the best services and products.

Special shout out to all my friends and family that made last night so great! ๐Ÿ™‚
Dream Big.