For All The Single Ladies…

LA Times Best Seller “Marry Him…the Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough!” by Lori Gottlieb just might be the next “He’s just not that into you” epiphany for all my single ladies out there. And before you roll your eyes at me and sigh in disgust that you refuse to settle – the title is really just an attention grabber!

The real genius behind her writing is to let go of your all important, secret “CHECK LIST.” Ladies, you all know what I am talking about – that impossible list of traits and characteristics we have created and decided that OUR perfect man will have and must have for us to be happy. He will have wavy hair – but not curly, one green eye and one blue, over 6ft tall, will open all doors, dress impeccably, speak Spanish and have traveled to no less than 5 foreign countries before the age of 30 and make six figures by that same age. Ladies, come on now…what if these same expectations were made of us? Ghastly thought right?!?

In fact, one of the studies Gottlieb sites, discovered that men would go on a second date with a woman if she was 1. Good looking enough, 2. Could hold a conversation 3. Warm and kind. Women, on the other hand sited more than 300 reasons that were absolute deal breakers for not going on a 2nd date. Really ladies – all our male counterparts need to give us one more hour is a cute smile and some genuine conversation. What the heck is our problem?

So what will it be…the all important Check List – or a man who will accept you for you? We would love to hear what’s on (or was on) your check list!

Dream Big.