For All Those People Who Love Matching Like Me!

When it comes to designing an event, decorating my house, or just organizing my office I want things to match and look like they belong. Whether it means everything in the same color, or the same designer, or the same shapes, I want it to look like I purposely placed everything together.

Well, the Dessy Group must have known me, and people just like me, would die and go to heaven with their new color tool.

They have a collection of bridesmaid dresses in Pantone colors where you can request the different shades of the colors in order to match all your design to your dresses, or your dresses to your design. You can order swatches in 12 shades of a color OR you can order their full color swatch fan guide…I know I can’t wait to purchase that fan!

If you are like me and want everything on your day to match and flow, head on over to Dessy Group and take a look at their options…not only do they have great color matching tools, but their dresses are adorable!

Thanks Junebug Weddings for introducing me to this great site!

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